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Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: No. Exception for Exsilium: since there was a Yuna a few months ago played by a different mun, it’s perfectly okay to (incorrectly) assume this is the same Yuna, if you happened to know her before. She’ll be confused about the whole thing, but she’ll get over it.
Offensive subjects: Kind of hard to put any specifics here. Basically, if I feel uncomfortable with the way a thread is going, I will let you know. I do prefer to try and manipulate the thread to get it back on a more comfortable track rather than just abandoning it completely, if at all possible.


Hugging this character: Yes, Yuna is a very affectionate person and would welcome platonic hugs.
Kissing this character: Yes, but she’ll blush and stammer a bit, and probably won’t reciprocate as she hasn’t given up on seeing her true love again someday.
Flirting with this character: Yes, but see above.
Fighting with/harming/killing: Why would you want to hurt poor, sweet Yuna? ;-)
I’m open to the possibility of it happening but since Yuna is a fairly mild, non-combative person, there would have to be a really, really good reason for it to happen. This is something that would definitely need talking about first, so drop me a line with what you have in mind and we can go from there.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes. No prior permission needed, but if you want specifics of what your character might find while rummaging around in Yuna’s head, just drop me a line.

Warnings: None.

A good rule of thumb: If you're in doubt about anything, feel free to ask!
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Player NAME: Kel
Current AGE: Old enough
Personal JOURNAL: kelcat
Player PLURK: kelcat
Current CHARACTERS: Nathaniel Howe

Character NAME: Yuna
Canon & MEDIUM: Final Fantasy X – video game
Canon PULL-POINT: Near the end of the game on the Airship, just after Tidus disappears.
Character AGE: 17
Character ABILITIES: Yuna practices White Magic, which consists primarily of healing and protection spells. She knows Curaga (replenishes health), Esuna (cures multiple afflictions such as poison, confusion, and sleep), Life (brings the person back to life), as well as a number of spells used to protect the target from a variety of physical and magical attacks.

While Yuna wields a staff, it is used for focusing her casting of spells rather than as a melee weapon; Yuna’s physical fighting leaves a lot to be desired. She does, however, have a few offensive spells at her disposal, the most powerful one being Holy, which deals a shitload of holy damage to the target.

She is also capable of summoning aeons: large creatures who are bound to her and can be summoned during battle to fight for her. These won’t be available to her at Exsilium, though, due to her canon pull-point and the nature of how aeons work.

Character HISTORY: Alright, so I started trying to write a detailed history myself, and realized that I’d gotten to about 2000 words and was only about a third of the way into the story. So to spare you the agony, here’s the wiki link to Yuna’s history:



Yuna is an incredibly selfless person who puts everyone before herself. As a summoner determined to defeat Sin, Yuna is fully prepared to sacrifice herself in order to do so. She realizes that her death could potentially save the lives of everyone on Spira. She’s sacrificing herself to try and make the world better, a decision that she made long ago and that her loved ones, no matter how hard they tried, have been unable to talk her out of. Yuna knows her purpose, and she will not be swayed from it, no matter how hard it might be for her to do so. She’s giving up everything that she has—including her life—in order to save others.

Early in the game Yuna says she wants her journey to be a happy one, filled with laughter. Her journey is an incredibly difficult one for her, not just physically, but emotionally as well. She’s not afraid to die, but she’s not eager to leave the world behind, either. And the idea of leaving her loved ones behind, knowing that they will grieve for her immensely, is heartbreaking to her. And in opposition to that, but just as painful (probably even more painful), is the fear of failing and being unable to defeat Sin. Despite all that—or maybe because of it—she is determined to keep a smile on her face, and make the best of the little time she had left. She looks for every opportunity she can find to smile and laugh, teasing others and taking joy in the beauty and wonders of all the things she sees on her journey through Spira.

Yuna is extraordinarily kind, a true and faithful friend, trusting of nearly everyone she meets, and willing to see the good in people rather than the bad. She’s also very determined, intent on achieving her goal, and can be extremely stubborn when she wants to be—but politely stubborn. She’s optimistic and friendly, but she’s not naïve. Time and time again she puts herself directly in the face of conflict to help others, knowing full-well the fact that she’s putting herself into danger as a result. She agrees to marry Seymour in order to bring him to justice for murdering his father, knowing that doing so might cause Yevon to turn its back on her forever. During Operation Mi’ihen (the operation staged by Yevon, the Crusaders, and the Al Bhed to stop Sin with the Al Bhed’s massive machina), when nearly everyone has been literally destroyed by Sin, Yuna stands fearlessly before Sin, stating that she will summon one of her Aeons to help—even though she knows it would be a futile attempt and that Sin would kill her instantly before her Aeon could do any actual damage. And when she and the others are taken captive by the yevonites after killing Seymour, Yuna stands proudly before the Maesters, refusing to back down or apologize for killing a high-ranking member of Yevon.

But even with all the many distractions along the way, Yuna never strays from her goal: defeating Sin and bringing the Eternal Calm. She is determined to achieve her goal, and each obstacle only makes her more determined and more convinced that she is doing the right thing.

There is one weakness she has, though, one thing that has the potential to actually cause her to break her vow as a summoner and quit her pilgrimage. And that is her love for Tidus. Tidus, star of the Zanarkand Abes, the newest guardian, the mysterious young man claiming to be from a city that was destroyed a thousand years ago, the one who has sworn to stay by her side not just to the very end, but for always.

It’s Tidus’ devotion to her, his attraction to her and her attraction to him that tempts her the most. But it is also for him that she continues on her pilgrimage. Sin is Jecht, Tidus’ father, and Tidus has told Yuna that he knows Jecht wants this to be over. That he’s been suffering and he wants someone to end it once and for all. This makes Yuna even more determined to be the one to do so.

She takes strength from Tidus, relying on him more and more as time passes, and comes to realize how lost she would be without him. He makes her happy, but he also gives her hope, something that is very important to her.

Even though he never tells her about the fact that he is actually just a dream of the fayth and will disappear as soon as Sin is defeated, Yuna is smart enough to know he’s keeping something from her. That something is going to happen to him once they’ve won. She even asks him if he’s going to go away, but he never really answers her.

In the end, when Sin is finally defeated and Spira is once again safe, when Tidus becomes transparent and it’s obvious he’s going to disappear, Yuna still has hope. Hope that they will one day meet again, and be together, this time for always.

Chosen WEAPON: Yuna’s weapon will be the Celestial Weapon she obtains during the game: Nirvana (insert screenshot). The celestial weapons actually evolves during the game, and it will evolve similar to that in Exsilium. To start with, it will go back to its basest form—a generically functional staff that helps to focus her magic. Over time it will begin to boost her magical attacks a bit at a time; fully evolved, her magical damage will be pretty damn high, to the point that her Holy spell will be able to kill a fairly powerful enemy with one hit (obviously this will be scaled to conform to Exsilium game mechanics—in other words, her attack wouldn’t be able to destroy one of the Masked in one hit).

Character INVENTORY:

Her staff, Nirvana

A sphere (insert link) that contains a short video made by her father during his pilgrimage.

The clothes on her back

A pouch containing about a dozen health potions and elixirs (potions used to restore MP, which is used in casting spells).

First PERSON: [The video feed pops on to reveal a pretty, brown-haired girl. Her eyes (one blue, the other green) are thoughtful, and she has a faraway look on her face.]

I had thought that my story would be over by now…but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe his isn’t over then, either. Maybe…maybe we can see each other again someday…

[She shakes her head, eyes focusing more as she smiles at the camera.]

My name’s Yuna. I was hoping someone would be here…someone I knew from home, but he’s not. I suppose I should be happy about that, really.

I’d like to help, if I can. I don’t understand everything that’s going on, but I’m sure I can find something useful to do. I can do magic—healing and protection spells mostly. I’m not the greatest in battle, but I do my best. If anyone knows of some work I could do, please, let me know.

Oh! And it’s nice to meet all of you!

Third PERSON: Yuna stands outside in the rain, eyes closed, face tilted up to the sky. The raindrops falling on her skin are refreshing, and the sweet smell of the rain is intoxicating. She has always been able to find the good in any situation, to find pleasure in every little thing; so rather than being annoyed by the rain that seems to be constant here, she’s happy.

Happy. It seems a little wrong to be happy, now that he’s gone, but she can’t help herself. Sin is gone, Spira is safe, and even if she can’t be there to help her people, maybe she can be of help here. The people wandering these streets look just as miserable and helpless as the ones she had seen in the village of Kilika after Sin had all but destroyed it. These people were suffering; and, like the people of Spira, there seemed to be no end to that suffering in sight. But unlike the people in her world, these seem to be completely devoid of hope. They’ve apparently accepted their fate, and have come to believe it would be impossible for the United Earth to ever be defeated, given how enormously strong they apparently are.

Yuna, however, knows that nothing is impossible. There is always a way. She just has to help them find it.



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